Summer Wedding Flowers


Here in Midland, TX, summer is the time of blooming love and flowers. The summer months are perfect for weddings, plenty of time off and warm weather almost every day. We at Flowerama of Midland always suggest that any wedding this summer should feature in-season flowers. Not only will they look beautiful, they will also be easy to find and to work with.

A good example of a summer flower arrangement is Country Wedding Flower Centerpiece. This mix of sunflowers and hydrangeas make it a beautiful example of in season wedding flowers. While this arrangement is more rustic, summer flowers can be done for any wedding theme.

Green Hydrangeas are in season during the summer months and are perfect for summer weddings. These flowers are large and full, making them amazing for table arrangements. These green blooms go well with plenty of flowers, making it easy to mix hydrangeas in with your other flowers. If you want a splash of hydrangea in your bridal bouquet, try mixing them with roses for an elegant and classic look!

Summer and sunflowers go hand in hand. For your summer wedding, try sunflowers. With large blooms and happy bursts of color, sunflowers are a favorite for any summer wedding. They can be put into bride bouquets or table arrangements. Some brides and bridesmaids even have them incorporated into their hair! These flowers are a perfect representation of the joy and happiness you feel on your wedding day.

For any summer wedding in Midland, TX call your local florist, Flowerama of Midland for a wedding consultation.

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