Floral Arrangements for Mantle Decor


Here at Flowerama of Midland in Midland, TX we love decoration challenges. Decorating a mantle may seem like an overwhelming task, too much will make the fireplace look cluttered and unorganized while too little makes your room look bare and impersonal. Flowerama of Midland has you covered, we have beautiful floral arrangements that are great for mantle décor. Adding a floral arrangement to your mantle decoration will bring different elements to your home. Often times interior designers bring in outside elements to a design for texture and freshness, ideas that will look great in any home. When decorating your mantle with an arrangement try a simple yet sophisticated look. Our Hand Tied Rose And Hydrangeat is striking and inviting with blue hydrangea and roses hand tied for a modern look. Also consider a glamorous Single Orchid Arrangement to create a modern beautiful statement. The high orchid draws your eye up the mantle while the graceful container and setting is simple and elegant. Both great choices! Check out the Flowerama of Midland website for different arrangements for fresh décor for your mantle and home.

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